Artist Spotlight: FrenchW Releases Nothing But Feel-Good Tracks

FrenchW is an up-and-coming multitalented and independent artist from Bangkok, Thailand who refuses to box himself into one genre. With a soft side for the easy-listening and feel-good vibes of Pop, FrenchW also draws inspiration from R&B, Jazz, and Indie. Rather than focusing on what each genre represents, the singer, songwriter, and producer focus on the feeling his music creates.

With music having been a part of his life since day one, FrenchW has been gaining experience since he was singing in his school choirs. He is the type of artist that will learn from his experiences and his environment and put his own spin on the production techniques that he hears.

FrenchW always says “my music is a mirror of myself;” as he continues to grow as a person, we will see the reflection of that growth in his music. With multiple releases lined up before the end of the year, FrenchW has fans yearning to hear what else he will bring us.