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Artist Spotlight: Gilbert Louie Ray Shares His Outlook on Society

Home to Atwater Village in Los Angeles, Singer and Songwriter Gilbert Louie Ray is known for his charming fusions of different genres.

Gilbert Louie Ray draws inspiration from Folk, Bluegrass, and Country-Rock only to add his own contemporary spin on these well-liked music styles. Often using an acoustic guitar, the rising artist pays tribute to the authenticity of organic instrumentation as he embraces a minimalist persona.

Gilbert Louie Ray is captivated by the simplistic atmosphere of Folk music, and incorporates it into his music in order to place more emphasis on the messages within lyrics. Spending the past year at home, he has reverted to working from his at home DIY music studio, where he produced his most recent release “The Year of the World.”

With extra time for building relationships with loved ones and himself, Gilbert Louie Ray influences introspection with his meaningful lyrics that bring attention to the state of society.

Discover more about Gilbert Louie Ray here.


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