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Artist Spotlight: Gun Boi Kaz

With a focus on real-life experiences and punk melodies, Gun Boi Kaz keeps his fan base on their toes in his latest release “Drove You Away”. Touching on his inner thoughts that remained after a difficult breakup, Gun Boi Kaz uses this single to let it all out and encourage listeners to find release.

Combining soothing yet enticing melodies with spellbinding hooks, Gun Boi Kaz showcases heartfelt tenors as he overcomes the feeling of what could have been. Due to the fact these experiences are surrounded by feelings of negativity, listeners can feel that they are not alone in their struggles as Gun Boi Kaz pushes them to become open about these feelings in order to move forward.

With spots of bubble and blissful melodies, “Drove You Away” adds a glimmer of hopefulness to these feelings of despair. This emo-rap artist not only has created melodic hues of discerning and love but also vulnerability.



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