Artist Spotlight: Halle Abadi Lights a Fire with her Lyrics

It is evident from her modern music that Halle Abadi allows herself to be inspired by the world around her. Her recent release, “Summersong” seems to be inspired by the best aspects of summer. The song emits a feeling of warmth, relaxation, and passion – just like the season, it’s named after. Having the talent to translate her impression of the world into her hypnotic lyrics and vocals is what makes Halle a great artist. Her vocals are often layered between bone-chilling orchestration and synths. Halle and her producer C-Ray have proven to be a successful duo from the start.

Fans took a liking to Halle’s alluring sound early into her artistic career; her second single “Pandora’s Box” was added to an editorial playlist on Spotify. It was that milestone that proved Halle and C-Ray are meant to be a team. Although she has recently been releasing new music, Halle Abadi is not planning on slowing down. She aims to continue her pattern of releasing records and hopes that each is better than the last. She’ll share her musical versatility by branching out into different music styles and genres – refusing to fit into one box. Keep your ears open for an extended play release from Halle Abadi soon.