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Artist Spotlight: Humbling Artist Harini Iyer Finds Peace in Collaboration

Recently, we featured Harini Iyer's latest release, "Rowthiram Pazhagu".

The creatively-inclined artist had always known that music spoke to her soul, and we're highlighting this very intrinsic drive she has today. Always remaining freshly inspired with her sound, Harini Iyer never misses an opportunity to grow her developing sound, as she's persistently staying on top of her growth as an artist. 

Harini Iyer finds comfort in collaboration, and has deeply grown with her collaboration with artist Han Beyli in their single "Rowthiram Pazhagu". Always being keen to embedding pivotal messages within her tracks, Harini Iyer understands the platform she holds as a music artist and has always wanted to use it in a beneficial way. Staying true to versatility, Harini Iyer further keeps herself inspired and informed within the music world by honing in on further collaborations, as well as taking the time to focus on her personal advancement apart from music. We're always humbled to showcase Harini Iyer, and always looking forward to new music in anticipation. 

Check out our recent interview with Harini Iyer here.


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