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Artist Spotlight: Ian Cook and the Brightest Light Always Bringing the Thunder to His Music

Oregon based artist Ian Cook and the Brightest Light recently released his debut solo single, “Just For Fun” after working and touring with the band Larry and His Flask for the past 15 years. All the year's experience from Larry and His Flask have given Ian an incredible foundation in the music industry and have solidified his passion for songwriting and instrumentation.

Ian Cook makes sure there is something for everyone in his songs, encompassing lots of themes and concepts. From acoustic guitar progressions to lively drum patterns, his music is diverse and enthralling.

Writing music is something that comes naturally to Ian, crafting narratives, and using lyrics to paint poetic stories. With that gift for storytelling, listeners are drawn into Ian’s songs and find peace in his calming vocals. Even with live performances at a minimum, Ian Cook and the Brightest Light has made the most of this time and has been staying inspired by surrounding himself with family, and refreshing and positive people that lift him up.

Learn more about Ian Cook here.



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