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Artist Spotlight: Indigo Tells Us About the Good Becoming Bad in “Running Wild"

The controversial artist Indigo is all about creating polar opposites of moods in her music, the story of what she thought was good turning into what she now knows is bad. If we were to describe her and notably in her latest single “Running Wild", Indigo would be someone who writes emo kind of dark lyrics but with a completely bouncy backing track. The music is all about letting her shine and tell her story, to spread wisdom to others of what it’s like to realize something isn’t right for yourself.

The one obvious thing you will notice as you listen is that Indigo has an incredible talent and gift at what she does; her voice has that bold, incredibly smooth touch to it that when combined with her honest lyrics creates an ever so passionate experience that easily resonates with everyone. There is something beautiful about howIndigouses music to convey her emotions, there is the deep story behind the lyrics but there is also the fun bounce to the music that can get a whole party going. Indigo is not slowing down either, even after putting out “Running Wild” she is already working on her first album to be released by the end of 2020. This is an artist that you won’t want to overlook, Indigo is here to stay.

You can find "Running Wild" here.


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