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Artist Spotlight: Indonesian/LA Artist Chitarra Fuses Traditional with Contemporary

Indonesian-born artist Chitarra focuses her spirit on creating music that can bring out cultural attributions while remaining as unique and eclectic. As a current LA-resident, Chitarra expands her artistic palette by extracting her influence from a diverse set of locations, and ultimately crafting creations that feel authentic.

We've recently featured Chitarra's "Chasing Hearts" single, which brought many otherworldly and luscious soundscapes to light. With love for traditional Indonesian music, Chitarra can combine and blend many influences to create vivid mosaics of creativity.

The thing we love about Chitarra is her ability to keep it simplistic, all while maintaining intricate vibrancy. She's all about listening to her intuition when it comes to the manifestation of her sound, which ends up working out beautifully. Her tactics are sharp and sweet, making us all the more excited for her future releases (which we've heard is only around the corner).

Read more with Chitarra here.



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