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Artist Spotlight: J Forte’s Deep Story on Life and Music

J Forte is one lucky person, after going through a troubled past, fighting through a second chance at life, he is here to help motivate and inspire others through his awe-inspiring music. With his latest motivational single, “Dsms” is the musical painting of what J Forte’s life was like growing up; his music has a deeply personal connection to it that reaches out to your soul and pulls you into a story about becoming your better self. The music that J Forte is creating can be described as being something that feels organic and flowing. His uses of minimalistic elements allow for his inspirational songwriting to shine through and really connect with the listener. There’s a really motivational portion of J Forte’s music that we did not expect when we first listened. As we dove into his music, notably his release “Dsms” it feels almost like a spoken word that hits you really deep; it will make you really think about yourself and what you can do to do better. J Forte isn’t slowing down either, he is just getting started. He plans to release new music every week for the next year, we have plenty to look forward to from J Forte.

Be sure to listen to "Dsms" here.



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