Artist Spotlight: Jameel Mason Searches for the Messages People Need to Hear

The New Brunswick based Hip-Hop artist Jameel Mason is an artist that creates music that a mass majority of people are able to relate to. Since the release of two critically acclaimed mix-tapes, and being a driving force in pushing the capabilities of hip-hop, Jameel Mason has been hard at work at new music and doesn’t let anything stop him from expressing himself. As prevalent in his latest release “Quarantine Mami” Jameel Mason tells us again about what we are all missing - that one person we wish we could isolate with and forget about the problems in the world.

Understanding how much he has grown since beginning to write music, Jameel Mason continues to search for what messages the people want to hear and has enough of those messages compiled together too soon be releasing his EP “Pine Hill” and we cannot be any more excited to hear it when it’s out.