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Artist Spotlight: Jude Shows Us What It Means to Write Music From the Heart

Through his heart aching moments and inspiring life lessons, Jude is here to tell his story from the heart through his music. Jude is the modern-day motivational speaker, to say the least, he carries the best intentions in his heart now and tries to pass on the positive energy that can help another person become their better self. Jude’s latest release “Tears" is a direct mirror of Jude's character, he’ll bring you in with something that might lead to you thinking it will be another generic tune before pulling the switch and flipping the mood and blowing you off your seat. Despite already having notable success with his releases, Jude stays humble and true to himself with only aiming to reach out to more people and use social media to its finest to get the message out to as many people as he can. Jude simply put is a storyteller, a personal one and it deeply shows in this release “Tears"; once you listen past the upbeat energy and really listen in to what he is saying, you’ll hear the amount of raw emotion Jude is delivering and that alone is something that you will not want to miss out on.

Check out Jude's single "Tears" here.



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