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Artist Spotlight: Kacey Fifield’s Voice Has Us Captivated

When we heard Kacey Fifield's new single "Confidential," we were star struck. While creating "Confidential", she experimented with elements from different genres, giving this single a vibe that is different from her others. With this, Kacey has the ability to keep things fresh and interesting for her fans in a way that helps her express herself to the fullest and speak deeply on things we can all relate to. Her song, "Confidential," shines a light on what it's like to be pressured into sharing information you may not want to.

Kacey's voice is strong and surely beyond her years. At the age of 15, Kacey has us captivated with her songwriting and musicality. While juggling additional roles in the entertainment industry, such as acting and managing her YouTube channel, Kacey manages to motivate others through her music and lift her audience up along with her high spirits that we found so contagious. Don't miss out on hearing her groovy new track, "Confidential."



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