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Artist Spotlight: KADIRI

Exploring themes of intimacy, and lost love through the lens of mental health, R&B Pop artist KADIRI uses his lyrical ability to create vibrant pieces of music.

In his newest single “Like it or U Don’t,” KADIRI releases his internal passion through a variety of jazz fused rifts and infectious grooves. Seamlessly connecting time and space with every emotional lyric, KADIRI creates a feeling of anonymity and urgency.

KADARI hopes that individuals will feel an inner sense of dignity and individuality when involved in any confusing relationships. On the basis of this, “Like it or U Don’t” focuses on the importance of individual values as KADARI attempts to understand his own emotions within each lyric.

Inner vulnerability helps KADARI’s singles to touch the lives of so many as each single creates a story listeners can relate to. With a mix of dark instrumentation and glistening spirit, “Like it or U Don’t” carries an intimacy unlike any other.

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