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Artist Spotlight: LIBERATI Sets the Vibe Right on "Told U So"

If you didn't already familiarize yourself with multi-instrumentalist LIBERATI and his latest release, "Told U So," then it's about time you open your favorite streaming platform and dive in.

LIBERATI is known for his original productions via his instrumental contributions. He's a high-energy, focused artist that enjoys crafting entertaining presentations for his listening base. When we caught up with LIBERATI, he shared that "Told U So" was the final single released before his album debut, and he intended it to align this way as he wanted an "Usher-like" vibe be set. "Told U So" captured the very best of what LIBERATI is capable of, and so what better what to introduce an album than to leave off with a, "Told U So" single release?

Lyrically, LIBERATI elaborated that "Told U So" was meant to inspire his listeners to stop wasting time on toxic relationships and instead reflect and empower themselves. Uplifting his audience is genuinely LIBERATI's ultimate goal, and he continues his work of inspiring others with the release of "Endless Summer," set to drop soon.

Catch the full BuzzMusic, LIBERATI interview here.


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