LIBERATI Teams Up With Caitlin Crosby for the Ebb and Flow of "Told U So"

Coming off the success of cinematic pop moniker, who touts over 3,000 unique film and TV placements to date, producer-artist LIBERATI steps into the unknown with a solo project he claims “knows no genre boundaries.”

A Grammy-Nominated bassist and multi-instrumentalist, LIBERATI plays nearly 100% of all the instrumentation on his songs, as well as writing, producing, and mixing his creations to perfection.

Letting the world in on his final release before his forthcoming album ‘Endless Summer’ reaches his audience, LIBERATI enlists the familiar voice of the multifaceted Caitlin Crosby for his most recent release, “Told U So.” The enticing Pop fueled universe plays into the back and forth that comes from a toxic relationship.

Sending us into a frenzy with the soothing, mid-tempo energy that this mesmerizing single brings forth, the focus lies within the lyrical motifs that have both LIBERATI and Caitlin Crosby angelically singing words of introspection to one another. Although the subject matter delves into a narrative that is somber in retrospect, the effervescence that’s laced into the playful hues has us feeling an array of emotions as we take this piece in. The instrumentation takes a minimalistic route that embodies the essence of repetition into “Told U So.”

Allowing the captivating energy to simmer in your mind, this is an anthem that will take you into all seasons, although the bubbly tones may make you think of summertime. Taking over one song at a time, a track of this caliber leaves us awestruck with the protruding resonance lingering on our minds in an unforgettable manner.

Welcome to BuzzMusic LIBERATI, and congratulations on the release of “Told U So.” We love the concept that’s brought to life by both yourself and Caitlin Crosby. What was it like working with one another in order to achieve this vision, and how did this collaboration come to be?

Thank you! Caitlin and I have shared many mutual friends for as long as I’ve been in L.A. I truly feel like it was half inevitable and half stars aligning with “Told U So.” I had this demo sitting around of what I knew I wanted to be a duet with a female vocal that had the right balance of sweet and savory. “Told U So" was the last song I had to finish for the record, and it was killing me that I was missing that opposite lead character. One of our mutual friends was over at my studio one night and after hearing the demo and hearing me explain my vision for the song, immediately mentioned Caitlin. I thought “duhhh, I should’ve thought of that months ago!” I knew Caitlin stepped away from music for a while and had a whole other life with The Giving Keys, so I wasn’t sure if she’d be keen on collaborating. She not only said yes, but was super pumped for it, and instantly got the vibe of the characters and balance between the playful yet heartbroken approach. I knew from seeing her play around L.A. for years that she could cover the poppy joy and whiskey-laden gruff for a sad song all the same. It was also hilarious for me to see how unnecessarily nervous she was to sing again, knowing that she was going to crush the session. She finished all of her keeper vocals in one short afternoon. I dunno what her experience was like working with me, but from my perspective, she’s a pro all around.

Being the final track released in a string of singles, until your debut album is released, what inspired you to make this the big hoorah before the album?

“Told U So” just felt like the best party vibe to properly usher in the debut album. I think it highlights my strengths as an artist/producer the best of the bunch between the production quality, vocal performance, and bass playing (my primary instrument), and in the shortest length of the song too! (You’re welcome, Tik Tok’ers!).

What do you hope that your audience can take away from the themes and messaging that’s projected through the song’s lyrics?

TO STOP TEXTING THAT EX! Haha! I want people to feel empowered in staying away from toxic relationships, both romantic and non, and also feel seen in knowing that most people have had at least one or two, if not several unhealthy relationships in their lifetime for reasons that they may never be able to explain. Maybe “Told U So” helps them reflect on and identify those reasons. But also, that baseline, am I right?!

We’re thrilled to hear that the release of your forthcoming album, ‘Endless Summer,’ is almost here! What can you tell us about what we can expect from this project?

I can tell you that I will actually be back online on social media more because my head won’t be buried in music gear and computers. 'Endless Summer' covers a 3-year chapter of my life where I was dealing with shedding my youth, making sense of some early trauma in my life, and really working on who I was to become in my 30s. I moved to Malibu 3 years ago and have never felt so at home. There’s a lot that is magical about this place, but something, in particular, made me feel like I was living in a past life that felt like the safety, warmth, and bliss created by my best friend group in those crucial teen summers. I thought about how you never want Summer to end as a kid, and in Malibu, it doesn’t. I started thinking about if I grew up in Malibu as a teenager during those formative summers, and what kind of stories would evolve around that notion. Most of the nostalgia and vibe of the soundscapes are taken from my favorite artists when I was growing up. I tried to make it all feel like an 80s summer classic blockbuster. I attempted rot create an entire world in this album, and I’m so excited to bring that to you THIS SEPTEMBER! What's next for you?

My sole focus for the foreseeable future is getting 'Endless Summer' to the world. I hope to tour again soon and interact with everyone IN PERSON! I miss you all dearly and feel like the world needs music now more than ever!