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Artist Spotlight: Lou Ella

Lou Ella is a talented artist with a one of a kind sound that will capture the listener and leave them wanting more. When you listen to Lou Ella’s music you will hear how her voice is rich in texture and her music is poised with detail. Featured songs as “Summer Of Love”, Lou Ella takes you on this descriptive journey through passionate songwriting and nomadic imagery.

Lou Ella has an impressive tracklist of records that many people can enjoy. Another outstanding song of hers is the cover of “Don’t Leave Me Lonely”. Lou Ella has proven to many that she is vocally skillful but creatively talented in distributing great works of music that’s well-crafted, arranged perfectly, and executed with class. Lou Ella is representing the subjective definition of music by portraying what people mean when they call it an art form. Don’t believe us? Focus on the incredible songwriting and you will capture a complete clue on how Lou Ella is truly special. Lou Ella is a well-renowned artist who has a lot in store for her and we’re excited to see what’s in store for her in this new year.

Listen to Lou Ella here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Lou Ella! Tell us about your upbringing! Where did you grow up? How did you discover your love for music?

Hi, thank you :) I grew up in Paris, went to the American School, my mother is a sculptor, my dad a businessman who also plays guitar, writes songs and sang to me every night. I grew up in a very eclectic environment, my mother grew up in South America, sings in Spanish, loves to dance, and my father who comes from North Africa and worked so hard all his life comes alive whenever he picks up his guitar and sings his life through his songs. My aunt also worked in music, discovering bands and developing them. Love for music was always around, was always a part of me. I studied piano at the Russian Conservatory for ten years, took singing lessons, did a few musicals... Later moved to LA to pursue my passion.  

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Summer Of Love” and why?

Making the journey smooth, reminding the listener of past loves, flings, and relationships, keeping it bare and raw without making it boring. I’m telling a nostalgic story but the relationship was actually toxic so I had to set aside all the bad emotions, to tell the story. We made the song grow slowly until the climax at the end, where it all comes together and is just an explosion of beauty and memories... 

What was your personal favorite element to “Summer Of Love”?

The soft beginning, the dreamy piano, strong bass, and my absolute favorite element is the backup vocals. We recorded three gospel singers old school, in the same room. It was so powerful and moving, it added so much life and depth to the track.

How would you describe your songwriting approach to “Summer Of Love” and the meaning behind this song?

I found the two first chords, it felt right, I wanted a 7th in there to make the sound more dreamy, once I decided on the chords the lyrics just came out. The story develops in the verses as it usually does, I wanted the song to feel melancholic and sweet, with some passion and pain...Because of thats life.. The song is about lost love and explores, the memories of those small moments that define summer flings. 

What inspired you to write “Summer Of Love”?

I watched a French movie with Vincent Cassel called “ My King”, it’s about a codependent toxic relationship, I went to bed feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious, but woke up to write the lyrics of “Summer of love” in one go. The movie reminded me of my first love story and I felt compelled to write a sweet yet very sour and complicated romance...

What is next for you Lou Ella?

New music, live shows, a music video, a huge showcase in March, and a collaboration with an amazing band called The Swoons that I can’t wait to record, new merchandise... 2020 is going to be crazy!!!! 



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