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Artist Spotlight: Love and a .38 Are Taking Over The Scene On Their Own Terms

What do you get when you put four guys from different parts of the country together with their own triumphs, failures, and ambition to play music? In this case, you get the killer blue-collar rock bank called Love and a .38.

Love and a .38 is the perfect example of a successful D.I.Y band. Even though they are unsigned and unrepresented they have been able to amass a worldwide following on their own terms as an independent band.

Their latest release, "Hail to the Night," will instantly hook you from the moment the electric guitar begins to ring out. This track gives you no choice but to groove along, and we are certain you won't be able to listen to it just once.

Thriving off the inspiration of creating new music has been keeping the band going in a time where they are struggling to still not be able to play music live. In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, they discussed the benefits of the pandemic shutdown as it has now given them more time and they are able to connect with not only their music but also their instruments on a much deeper level.

They are now able to shift their focus from writing new material and practicing for upcoming shows to now play music for the love of it. The hope of knowing that one day we will all be able to be together again in a live concert setting has been a driving force to keep them going. We look forward to more of what's to come from Love and a .38.



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