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Artist Spotlight: Meet the Sonically Charged Ray Medixi

When you hear the name Ray Medixi, you instantly categorize him under the beloved genre of R&B. His most recent single “No Good,” dives into the alternative R&B narrative that has diverged from the mainstream NYC sound but has continued to garner attention from major media outlets and radio stations. With a theme focusing on the consequences of where being the bad guy can lead you, the perspective lens that Ray Medixi serenades us in showcases not only his lyrical abilities but the burning soul that goes hand in hand with it. With every girl loving a bit of mystery in their life, Ray Medixi delivers exactly that with “No Good.” Expressive of the introspective subjects and undertones that he conveys through his enormously relatable lyrics, the New York music scene has been given a sonic gift wrapped in the exterior of Ray Medixi.




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