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Artist Spotlight: Michelle-Lee Harris Is a Bright Light In A World That Can Be Dark At Times

Michelle-Lee Harris is known for the bright light and inspirations she brings to the table in a world that can turn dark with certain themes throughout life.

The Delaware Singer and Songwriter brings inspiration to her listeners with a positive message that reassures the loved ones in her life.

Michelle-Lee's latest release, “In Your Hands,” connects her audience through her worship of Christ and covers major ground on her mission. The wide range of vocals she displays gives off a larger than life ambiance and welcomes you with her soft embrace. Her ability to reach fans through a soulful message and lively performance brings joy to your heart while you groove to the beat of the instrumentation. Michelle-Lee Harris' unquestioning relationship with Christ shares a certain faith with fans that is sure to get through to them. Talent with a vocalized message goes a long way and Michelle-Lee Harris stays proving that to us. 

Learn more about Michelle-Lee Harris here.

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