Artist Spotlight: Natalie Clark Empowers Women Everywhere With Her EP ‘LIVEWIRE’

After a deep and thorough listen, Natalie Clark’s recent EP ‘LIVEWIRE’ definitely isn’t something to take lightly. After the Scottish singer/songwriter quit her teaching career, she decided to head full force into the industry to pursue her musical dreams.

Speaking on her EP ‘LIVEWIRE,’ we’re truly astounded by Natalie Clark’s natural talent towards incorporating a variety of genres into one project, and how she’s able to lay her powerful vocals overtop any sort of mood or atmosphere. The entire ‘LIVEWIRE’ EP serves nothing but resiliency, power, and the ability to change societal norms with the power of thought.

Leading us through the ‘LIVEWIRE’ EP, we’re hit with an array of different sounds and genres. From the intro/title track "Livewire" filled with striking electric guitar and rock-infused instrumentals, all the way to '80s darkwave/new wave-inspired production on ‘Bombshell.’ It’s evident that Natalie Clark’s music best resides through invigorating rock, as the track ‘High Fashion’ (produced by Mike Gentile) brings another hi-fi empowering aspect to the ‘LIVEWIRE’ EP.

Natalie Clark remains completely consistent while transferring energy from song to song, especially with the last two tracks ‘Out of My Way’ (produced by Mike Gentile) and ‘Grown-Ass Woman’ (produced by Jan Fairchild, Todd Spadafore, and Julio Tavarez. While moving from ‘Out of My Way’ into a more soulful piece with the outro “Grown Ass Woman,” Natalie Clark sums up the theme of the ‘LIVEWIRE’ EP, being that women are perfectly capable of making decisions for themselves, and can be satisfied without the need of another person.

Discover 'Livewire' EP here.