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Artist Spotlight: Nate Rich X Encourages Introspection

Originating from New York, Nate Rich X is an artist on the rise that brings a unique sound to the pop industry.

With minimal rise and fall of vocal pitch, Nate Rich X is a skilled intoner with a magnetic sound. He is known for layering bone-chilling synths that give his songs emotionality. With roots in the Synth-pop genre, Nate Rich X also draws soulful inspiration from R&B and youthful influence from Folk. His primary motivation lies in his own life experiences and the emotions he has felt throughout.

Nate’s lyrics tend to address the inner battles that wounded people face and attempt to hide from others. By bringing these issues to light, he is giving the listener permission to accept their own truth. With his ability to tap into fans' emotions through both his intense musical build and introspective lyrics, fans of Nate Rich X are in for an awakening.

Learn more about Nate Rich X here.



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