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Artist Spotlight: Nenjah Nycist has a Timeless Sound

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Nenjah Nycist is a rapper, producer, and engineer who seeks to release music that will stand the test of time.

As a fresh new artist, he has already rapped, produced, and engineered multiple albums with his own version of the new-age Emcee Hip-Hop genre. Like you would expect from his name, Nenjah Nycist combines a 'ninja-style flow' with hard-hitting beats and instrumental soundscapes. In addition to his mission to produce timeless soundtracks, Nenjah is the type of artist that always keeps fans on their toes.

His musical versatility allows him to continuously release something new, bringing a refreshing taste to each song. With Nenjah, it's safe to say we can "expect the unexpected;" the dynamic rapper will never stay in the same place. As he continues to release new records, fans will be pleased to know that as his experiences in the world evolve and develop, so will Nenjah Nycist's music.

Read our exclusive interview here.


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