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Artist Spotlight: Newfoundland Born, Venice Beach-Based Artist Bradley Arthur Maxwell

It’s time to prepare yourself for the ambient folk rapture that is Newfoundland born, Venice Beach-based artist Bradley Arthur Maxwell. Why? Well, because of realness my friends. The sincerity of his narratives and their heartfelt delivery cast a spell, hypnotizing all vessels within earshot. Then, next thing you know, your coming face-to-face with your own reality whilst simultaneously being wrapped in a warm embrace you can’t escape... but why would you want to? No matter the song, Bradley Arthur Maxwell brings both emotional fury and rumbling calm with every melodic utterance. A quality that we need now more than ever. Listen and you’ll see exactly what we mean. His latest track titled ‘No Wonder Why’, should do the trick. Or better, watch the music video featuring incredible 8mm and 16mm footage of a young couple falling in love in the 1970s.

Bradley Arthur Maxwell expresses a cultivated level of introspection with his music. Using layers of airy ambient instrumentals and laidback vocals, he creates cinematic sonic environments perfectly suited to the soundtrack of our most important moments. Making us yearn for greater retrospection, his sound makes us feel as if there's more to life, more to the here and now - and more to look forward to. Wherever are, whatever you may be going through, let Bradley Arthur Maxwell help carry you. We anticipate more exciting releases from this artist.

Listen to Bradley Arthur Maxwell's music here.


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