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Artist Spotlight: Obii Creates a Powerful Bond Between Artist and Listener

Back with his “Second Wind” Emerging artist Obii stuns listeners with his second single. “Second Wind” showcased whimsical melodies and meaningful lyrics.

The groovy beat creates a strong backbone for this track, and the carefully chosen lyrics express the feeling of change and reliving old memories.

“Second Wind” showcases a more vulnerable side of Obii, it takes you on his journey of gathering the courage to face life's obstacles.

Not only did Obii just release this fire track he also released a black and white music video to accompany it. In this video we see Obii stuck in a mundane of everyday routine, but longing for more. Obii creates a powerful bond between him and the listen and will leave you feeling understood and more at peace. 

Obii has spent the past few years building up his career by serving as a backing vocalist on tour for artists Brandt Brauer Frick and Beaver Sheppard. Obii has used 2020 to focus on his recovery, he said that he once thought that his sobriety would lead to a lack of creativity but is now “able to look at life from a wider point of view”. 

Moving forward Obii will continue to create within his musical niche. He has plans on releasing one more single before the end of the year and will follow that next single up with an EP.  We look forward to watching Obii grow as an artist. 

You can learn more about him here



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