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Artist Spotlight: Rainy Eyes Speaks Nothing But Truth Through Her Music

We can count on Rainy Eyes to let her songs come straight from the heart. She’s made a promise to herself that she will always stay true to her experiences and write her lyrics with pure honesty.

Drawing influence from artists such as Gillian Welch and Bob Dylan, Rainy Eyes is capable of combining styles from rock to country, and she does it so well.

Rainy Eyes has a timeless element to her songwriting. Her latest song, “Moon in the Mirror,” is all about remaining hopeful and staying positive. Especially during this time, Rainy Eyes hopes to shine a light of self-love on her audience, one of the many reasons her fans remain loyal. She claims to be working on a full-length album, which had all been recorded in the past few months. Rainy Eyes has indeed shown us the meaning behind sincerity, and you will regret to miss out on her soulful style.

Check out “Moon In The Mirror” here.



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