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Artist Spotlight: Rock Band Cloakroom Q. Hooks Us With Their Musical Versatility

From the infamous capital city of Northern Ireland, Cloakroom Q. is a Belfast-based band that is diving headfirst into the Rock music scene.

Consisting of four members, the group is best known for its ability to produce a sense of euphoria through the effortless combination of its organic instrumentation and electronic production.

King Doss fronts the band with his magnetic vocals comparable to the likes of the late Gord Downie. As the flavor and soul of the group, guitarist Jarod Iscariot brings the rhythm. Simultaneously, bassist Nancy Watt showcases an instrumental authenticity that will capture the hearts of the true music lovers.

Impossible to forget, the percussion line emanates its energy into your fingertips with River Ares as the beating heart of Cloakroom Q.

The existing dynamic tension between group members is the force that drives Cloakroom Q.’s musical masterpiece. Each member’s unique sonic perspectives is what puts this band on the map in the world of Rock.

Discover more about Cloakroom Q. here.


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