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Artist Spotlight: Sarah Bailey's Impressive Solo Creative Process

Cleveland's own Singer/Songwriter, Composer, and Producer Sarah Bailey has one goal in mind; she promises that her music will speak universal and relatable messages for listeners to connect effortlessly.

Writing, composing, producing, and recording music herself has allowed Bailey to delve deeper into vast experimental routes without external pressure. Not to mention being a female behind the audio board, Sarah Bailey is truly an inspiration for anyone looking to achieve creative independence, and hopefully sets the tone for more female producers to follow.

Regarding her latest single "Unknowingly Said Goodbye," Sarah Bailey takes the listener through vulnerable emotions of moving forward from someone who still has a hold, yet has unfortunately moved on. That being said, Bailey brings soaring optimism and pushes the song with this serene vibe of 'It'll all be okay.' Having just woken up from a dream where she was flooded with the song's inspiration, Bailey wrote the first verse within a mere 45 seconds, spilling her heart out for all of us to relate. After a solid 2-hour session, "Unknowingly Said Goodbye" was complete and sent away for mixing.

Based on a dream that felt ever so real, Sarah Bailey's music may be based on real-life, yet it transports listeners into a cozy dream-like state.

Check out our recent interview with Sarah Bailey here.


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