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Artist Spotlight: Sarah Shoumer Takes on the World and is Not Slowing Down

The up and coming, hard to forget Pop artist Sarah Shoumer is someone who takes her positive outlook on life and spread the good energy onto others. The music that Sarah Shoumer creates easily dives into new ideas and fascinating sonic textures that are sure to keep you craving for more. Especially with her latest release “Music,” Sarah Shoumer fuels in vibes that speak chill, pop, roadside anthem, contemporary, and even funk.

To make things even better, Sarah Shoumer is constantly at work with her producer Max Laskavy and her vocal coach to continue growing the power that’s held within her voice to soon, show off how truly polished it is. When combined with continuous songwriting and slowly edging back into the studio, Sarah Shoumer is full of sparks of inspiration, and with being only fifteen years old, the world better watch for what she has up her sleeves.

Find out more about Sarah Shoumer here.


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