Artist Spotlight: Sarah Tromley's Rejuvenating Music Keeping You Inspired

Sarah Tromley is always keeping things real with her vulnerable and relatable music. From funky EDM beats to catchy guitar melodies, her songs have a way of giving off that old school vibe with a modern twist. Creativity springing from the busy world around her, Sarah is driven by personal stories, and a will to process her emotions through music. Sarah is not afraid to touch personal topics and delve deeper into her thoughts as a way to connect with her listeners. From a young age, she has been fascinated with music, and still looks up to her old favorites like James Taylor and Carly Simon.

Her latest release “Burnside” shows her soft, sensitive side, all wrapped up in a dynamic EDM/pop track.

She encourages people to embrace their differences and the things that make us unique. Without your past, you never would get to the place you are at now, and Sarah’s intricate lyrics embody that acceptance. Sarah Tromley is always evolving, trying new things, and looking to stay fresh. Her new EP is on its way in October 2020, so stay tuned for more.

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