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Artist Spotlight: SARTØR Draws You In With Her Song, “HEAVY HEART”

SARTØR is an artist who ties together emotion, edge, and atmospheres of tranquility into the ultimate artistry package. Most recently drawing influence from artists such as Charli CXX, Brings Me the Horizon, and Grimes, SARTØR has a style that is bound to lead you into a world of innovation and creativity. We were first drawn in with her production and vocal textures in her new song, “HEAVY HEART,” and now there’s no going back.

SARTØR spent her childhood in Brazil and got an early start in the music scene learning the electric guitar, now a true staple to her sound. Her recent release, “HEAVY HEART,” gives us a taste of what to expect on her upcoming EP. Remaining mostly guitar-based, we can expect hard-edge vocals on the project. SARTØR works hard to produce music that is electrifying and captivating through every aspect. We promise you won’t be disappointed while listening to SARTØR’s music. You’ll regret to miss her single “HEAVY HEART.”


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