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Artist Spotlight: Saturate Your Mind with Multitalented Artist Jack Hawitt

Based in London, multitalented artist Jack Hawitt is a singer, songwriter, and producer who consistently energizes his fans by enticing Electro-Pop soundscapes. With an appreciation for collaboration experiences with other artists, the young talent has previously shared his songwriting skills with the likes of Pharell Williams and Megan Thee Stallion. Jack Hawitt’s most famous song, “Without You,” where he was a feature to Lithuanian artist Embody, has reached over 13 million streams on Spotify.

Forever enhancing his momentum as an artist, Jack Hawitt has been working hard to release his singles, including his new lyrically contemplative release “Run Away.” Jack Hawitt tells a story through his songwriting to remind fans about what’s essential in life. He bares his authentic self as he shares what he has learned through his struggles. With each poetic stanza, Jack Hawitt will inspire the listener to take a step back from their problems to appreciate the bigger picture.

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