Artist Spotlight: Sephyr Felt Drawn to the World of Music from A Young Age

As many kids do throughout their early adolescent years, they hide themselves away in their room listening to their favorite artists on the stereo; and that is exactly how Sephyr spent his time as a 10-year-old kid. It wasn't just about grooving along to the music for Sephyr, he wanted to make his creative mark and generate that enjoyable feeling music gives to so many. 

Sephyr's songwriting offered a safe place and an outlet for his innermost thoughts. Knowing he had a home for those thoughts and emotions to live on through his music, was a comforting experience for him.

Overcoming his fear in showcasing his talents, Sephyr persisted, and last year released his first, self-commissioned EP '1989'. As a patron of the arts, Sephyr learned compassion for the human condition, while learning how to be open and honest and to unequivocally put his emotion into his work. 

His multi artistical talents have enabled him to create wide-ranging topics within his music that are carefully constructed within his songwriting. His drive to continue and further his musical career is more present than ever. We can expect to hear many more creations from Sephyr, coming soon. 

Discover “Who? Nobody! No.” here