Artist Spotlight: Southpaw Entwines the Best of Any Genre

Fort Lauderdale’s own Southpaw is a new artist on the rise who is known for his refusal to commit to and maintain one genre. He displays musical versatility with his ability to create a natural flow with a combination of genres including Indie, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Pop. 

Southpaw has mastered everything from uplifting instrumentals to head-banging bass drops to nostalgic melodies and even mind-numbing rap verses. In addition, Southpaw often teams up with filmmakers to create a visual representation of his auditory art.

On top of his consistently enamoring musical production, Southpaw is clever and witty with his lyrics. His songwriting tends to address inner battles that many people are familiar with – but refuse to talk about. By bringing these struggles to light, Southpaw is holding out a hand to his listeners with a gentle invitation to their own introspection.

One of his recent messages encouraged the listener to avoid taking the ‘safe path,’ and focus on taking the path they want to take.

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