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Artist Spotlight: Sterling Breaks Down Their Creative Year

Taking the world's current circumstances into account, this didn't stop Rob and Paul from joining together to create songs to get us past these unnerving times with the creation of their duo Sterling.

While representing their recent five-track EP 'Sky' with the release of their recent single "Salt Licker," Sterling graces our ears with their fiery sound that gets our blood pumping during the cold winter nights. Sterling mentioned in a previous interview with us that their single "Salt Licker" was inspired by our country's present struggles and feeling a heightened sense of insecurity.

When speaking on the title for their single "Salt Licker," Sterling mentioned that the term is used to describe someone of poor routine, placing harm on themselves physically or emotionally. Sterling quoted, "It can be a lifelong streak of bad relationships or the mindset of 'the grass is always greener,' some are f*cking crazy, and some are just unfortunate."

Questioning our day-to-day decision-making process and the reality of happiness with this single, Sterling mentioned that their recent EP "Sky" touches on broad and diverse themes that offer listeners a heightened sense of engagement, which they would typically receive from Sterling's live performances.

Continuing to participate in Unplugged performances and Livestream sets throughout social media platforms, Sterling is continuously working hard to make sure their sound stays crisp and clean until they can finally wow their audiences with live music once again.

Discover more about Sterling here.


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