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Artist Spotlight: Suza Displays Vocal Delicacy

Hailing from New Zealand, Suza is a blossoming singer and songwriter who wins over her fans with both musical and personal transparency. She has navigated the bumpy road of 2020 by not allowing herself to become caught up in the whirlwind that is life. She has used her time to slow down and think, create, see, and feel. Suza’s recent awakening of personal awareness is shared through her passion-driven music – and is seen in her debut release “My Moon and My Sun.” 

Suza tends to produce songs that fall under the same genre, but she displays her musical versatility with the tone of each song; some are darker, some more upbeat and some are very chill. A highlight of Suza’s musical production is her alluring and untouched vocals that easily captivate the listener.

Her authentic sound comes from the passion she puts into her voice; achieved through her ability to be truly present during the recording process.


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