Artist Spotlight: That Yung Lad Brings Together East and West Coast Hip-Hop

Born and raised on the East Coast in New Jersey, That Yung Lad now resides in Los Angeles where he has been pursuing his career as a Hip-Hop musician.

From the East to the West Coast, his music actually tells a story about where he has been, and who he has become. With a rough and raw voice, That Yung Lad has a vocal edge that shows off his East Coast roots. He has fused his musical intensity with the laid back vibes of the West Coast to create a unique sound, unlike any other rapper.

Layered in top of minimalistic instrumentals and engineering, That Yung Lad is best known for his majestic, silky vocals.

Comparable to the likes of early J. Cole and MGK, he easily snatches the attention of his fans with his contagious passion. Through his music, That Yung Lad aims to influence his audience in a positive light through his engaging lyricism. He provokes introspection by bringing attention to difficult matters and remaining blatantly honest through his songwriting.

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