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Artist Spotlight: The Good Dudes

Heart and soul are two perfect words to describe The Good Dudes. Hailing from southern Louisiana, this 6-piece band is filled with energy, rhythmic melodies, catchy lyrics, and lots of heart and soul. Myles Migl (vocals), Brennan Frederick (lead guitar), Ryan Vicknair (trumpet), Ben Richards (drums), Karl Songne (bass), and Tyler Thibodaux (keys/organ) are the dudes behind The Good Dudes. Reminiscent of blues and soul acts like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, The Good Dudes make you want to get up and dance to every song.

Combining rock n’ roll with southern soul, these guys can only be described as the real deal. Their debut album ‘Ready For It’ was released earlier this year. Listeners truly should be ‘ready for it’ when experiencing this electrifying and poignant album. The blend of bluesy rock instrumentation with Migl’s deep, honest, and Motown-Esque vocals makes for a powerfully rich and addictive sound. Audiences can expect to feel the nostalgia of simpler times when listening to the band. Their music is stripped of unnecessary extra production focusing on the true heart of the songs. Having already released two singles from the album, and gearing up to release a Christmas single, The Good Dudes are poised to bring their infectious sound to the mainstream. 

Listen to The Good Dudes debut album Ready For It here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic, thanks for joining us today! What can we expect your upcoming Christmas single ‘Season of Love’ to sound like? 

It's got everything a good Christmas song should - jingle bells, good vibes, catchy melodies, and of course we love throwing in some Motown influence. It's an upbeat/catchy song that we had a blast making. There are a few extra surprises in that song too instrument-wise, it's a ton of fun to listen to. It's all about spending time with the people in your life you care about and making sure they know it.

We love your album Ready For It! How did you find the recording process with this being your first album?

Thanks so much! We're loving it too. It was an amazing first experience, especially since we had the guidance of our producer Charlie Gathe. He's the one who takes the vision and brings it to life. The process was a lengthy one, but well worth it. Typically we'd start with just an acoustic guitar and a vocal, then build the song up from there. Myles had some of the songs written for a long time and we wanted to make sure we did them justice. This album was less a case of us hitting the studio every day for a month or two to pump it out and more of a marathon instead of a sprint. We wanted to make sure we took the time to get it right since it was everyone's first introduction to the band. There were lots of late nights where we'd either feel inspired and lay down parts we were proud of, and when we didn't we just hung out and played old school SNES games. The comradery is just as much a part of the process as the recording, we want to bring the same energy to the recordings of these songs as we do to the stage and it helps if we're all having a good time!

We absolutely love the vibe of your album and the bluesy soul sound. Who are your musical inspirations?

Our inspirations as a band are sort of a melting pot, and that's probably why the sound ends up being sort of a gumbo of things. We draw inspiration from older Motown artists like Marvin Gaye and Al Green, but our drummer Ben loves Huey Lewis and the News and Brennan, the guitarist, is into Bad Suns and The 1975. Chanie's into jazz, Tyler loves classic rock, Vick gets down to Bobby Caldwell, and Myles digs Marc Broussard and Allen Stone. The challenge, but also the fun part, of making a record for us was finding a way to blend all stuff we love into our songs and we're really happy with the result.

Your single Give Me One Chance is a bit more stripped down than the other tracks on the album, what was the desire behind that?

We wanted Give Me One Chance to be a journey of a song, just as the lyrics portray a journey. It starts from humble beginnings with just an acoustic guitar and the vocal, and then builds all the way to the climax where there's strings, organ, guitars, a choir, piano - the works. It always makes for a high point of the live shows too when we bring on Nathan Sam (choir director) and the incredible vocalists he puts together. We love working with them.

Do you have a favorite song that you enjoyed writing the most on the Ready For It album?

Sweet Heat was definitely a song that was the most fun writing. It differed from a lot of the other songs because I had a storyline and hook that I shaped the rest of the song to. I definitely wanted a fun, laid back, funk-vibe for it and that put a lot less pressure on the songwriter in me. Tracking Sweet Heat in the studio was when we really let loose, there's gang backing vocals for the call and response, slide guitar, and even some hidden phrases and animal noises buried in the mix.  

What’s next for The Good Dudes? What can we expect to see in 2020?

We've been hard at work getting more material ready, so you can expect some follow-up videos to our favorite songs on the album. We're bringing the live show to cities further than we've gone so far. And of course, you can expect a lot of new music over the course of the year. We're coming out swinging and can't wait to bring the show to more people.


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