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Artist Spotlight: The Melody Leaves Us Motivated to Search Out Love

Bilingual Latin-American singer-songwriter The Melody instills power and confidence in listeners as she sings of leaving someone who can not treat her right. In her newest single, "20/40," The Melody vocalizes a highly rhythmic tune in which her lyrics are filled with passion and emotion.

This breakup tune is bound to connect with many listeners as the Latin-pop nature of the sound creates a warm atmosphere and feeling of growth. Her unique background helped The Melody to fuel her wild and vivid sound while still crafting a specific, powerful message within her music. As mentioned in an interview, The Melody wants her listeners to feel strong and empowered with the ability to move forward in their lives with self-confidence. After listening to this mid-tempo Latin-American tune, individuals will be locked into The Melody's passion and motivation and on track to seeking the love they deserve.

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