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Artist Spotlight: Tim Kohler

Indie-pop artist Tim Kohler has been a rabid fan of both classical 1960s and modern top-40 songwriters. This unique combination of influences has inspired Tim to produce singles with a variety of instrumentation, presentation, and arrangement.

With his newest single “Typewriter”, Kohler showcases his vocal talent that will have listeners moving with each swift motion of sound. Never fully surrounding himself in one distinct genre or mold, he is able to heighten listeners' senses and increase a feeling of bliss within sweet, yet powerful sounds.

Being influenced by his own wedding day, Kohler says “Typewriter” is about each thing that runs through your head that special day you marry your best friend. At that moment you are so filled with love and joy there is physically nothing else that exists which is why this song was given to his wife as an anniversary gift.

Although this is just a small sample of Kohler’s talents, “Typewriter” is a track that captures Kohler's love nature, and admiration for some of life's finest moments.

Discover more about Tim Kohler, here.

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