Artist Spotlight: Tommy Drinkard & The Remedy

This Los Angele's four-piece are mixing their love of classic acts such as Bob Marley & the Wailers, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan to create free-spirited, and fun-loving musical experiences.

Their Alternative Country-Rock sound mesmerizes the listener with their acoustic instrumentation, charged percussions, groovy electric guitars and impassioned vocals.

The group is made complete by members Tommy Drinkard (lead singer/ songwriter), Eric Lee (bass), Ty Reldon Key (drums), and Anwar Glenn (guitar). Together, these intune artists are able to generate a pure and unadulterated sound.

The uncomplicated talent Tommy Drinkard & the Remedy bring to their artistry, strives to bring levity to all the world's problems, through the delivery of their carefully crafted sound. Their multi-dimensional approach to song creation weaves together classic acoustics, multi-instrumental fanfares, and incredible percussions that shift the group's musical gears of tempo.

Since forming in 2017 the band has grown a lot since their humble beginnings. A major shift has been their addition of adding covers to their repertoire which has expanded their live sets to more than three hours. This has allowed Tommy Drinkard & the Remedy to play more gigs and improved their overall sound together. We can't wait to hear what Tommy Drinkard & the Remedy come out with next.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Drinkard! This time around we'd like to dissect your recent single "Wastin'". After finding the inspiration, how did the four of you collaborate to individually add the same sort of groove and feel?

It is always natural for us to play together. I think we all enjoy a lot of different types of music and know how to complement each other well. 

Speaking on your other hit single "Breeze", you portray such deep messages about letting time heal your wounds. How did you guys build off of the message and create these mesmerizing instrumentals?

Well, I (Tommy) brought the song to the band, and immediately we started grooving well together. Then Eric and I wrote the harmony and the song really cemented itself. 

With both of your singles "Wastin'" and "Breeze" in mind, we can notice vast differences between the two pieces. Which song do you feel best resonates with Drinkard's brand, and which was the most comfortable to create?

Well, they both fit into our alt-country/Americana sound but Wastin is more of a feel-good song. I think they both represent us well and we’re both pretty natural to create. 

We've heard that after Drinkard was formed in late 2017, there was instant chemistry between the bandmates. Within these three years, have you noticed much change or growth since you first came together?

Yes, we have grown a lot since we first started. I think a big thing was when we expanded our set to 3+ hours by adding covers to our repertoire, this allowed us to get more gigs and improved our overall sound together. We still focus primarily on originals though

What's next?

We hope to grow our fan base online and Eventually tour with some of our influences including Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, BlackBerry Smoke, Bishop Gunn, Ryan Bingham, Ryan Adams, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, and more.