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As The Days Roll On By, Jack Ducker Tries To Break Away In “Waste Away”

The London-based artist Jack Ducker tries not to let life pass him by. Bursting on the scene with an eclectic sound that fuses genres as diverse as indie, funk, folk and rock, London-based singer-songwriter Jack Ducker has quickly set himself apart from his peers with an approach that fuses the nostalgic with the contemporary.

Drawing inspiration from White Denim, The Black Keys and more, his new single “Waste Away” is the latest release in what is quickly becoming a must-listen musical catalogue.

Having written and produced for other artists over the last seven years, Ducker is no stranger to the industry and enters it keenly, understanding what’s required to reach the pinnacle. Prioritizing authenticity over anything else in his approach to music, he’s a one-man team, handling everything from mixing to producing to writing and performing his new single “Waste Away.” Having already received significant buzz and support with his two previous releases, “My Love” and “Rockstar,” as well, “Waste Away” builds on Ducker’s already impressive musical resume and indicates that there’s nowhere to go but up for Ducker.

Led by instrumentals anchored by plucky guitars and later perfectly accentuated drums, Ducker struggles to break a cycle of passivity, dropping lines like “I know you say I waste away / We are living each day so waste away.”

Although the lines are repeated numerous times throughout the song (alluding to the cycle of complacency Ducker finds himself trapped in), lines like “we are losing the race to waste away we are / Oh now its time to turn the page” indicate that there may be a silver lining on the horizon just yet.

"Waste Away" is, in many ways, a reflection on the pressures of performing in today's society and the struggle we feel watching the days go by, spun with a twist that will have you nodding along before you know it. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Waste Away,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Jack Ducker. We loved “Waste Away”; it’s interesting how a song with such a weighty subject matter can have you bopping along simultaneously. We have to ask, what was the inspiration behind this song?

Thanks, guys; it’s great to be back! Glad to hear you like the track. I do enjoy mixing sad messages with more catchy, uplifting melodies. Not all sad songs have to sound sad! I suppose I’ve been seeing a disconnect between myself and my friends regarding what one wants and must do to get by. Too many get stuck in the rat race and don’t realize it until they look up at 45 and are filled with regret. This song was inspired to get people to look up a bit sooner!

So you’ve been involved in music for a long time, first in the background but now at the forefront as an artist. What has been your favorite part about making music?

I love the process of writing in the studio and all the methodology behind that, but one thing I think performing and being a live artist has taught me is the power of writing with others. For too long, I’ve been writing by myself. Having to break down my old songs and reconfigure new ones for my live set has shown me the power of external influence and pre-production. I’ll definitely be carrying this forward into future projects.

This may be a little related, but how did you start getting involved in the music scene, and why do you make music?

I’m not entirely sure, coming from a family that isn't particularly musical in any way! I’ve always felt a passion and necessity to create music. Couldn’t tell you why. From the age of 12, when I was in my first band, I’ve always wanted to write new, original tunes. I was never a fan of being a cover band! From there, I studied music production to learn how to capture and tweak the sound, and here I am today. Can’t imagine doing anything else.

So you mentioned that you’re based in Kingston, London. What’s your favorite thing about the music scene there, and how did it influence your growth as an artist?

I’m a big fan of Banquet Records and all the gigs they put on for the community. It’s pretty crazy having such big names on your doorstep! Not to mention the access to their vinyl collection. I love flipping through their inventory and always take inspiration from new sounds and discoveries I make there.

What’s next for Jack Ducker? Any big plans for 2023?

Well, I’m working on my debut album, with the last song of my self-titled EP coming out in March. So lots of releases! Can’t wait to start gigging the EP some more, too, so maybe I’ll catch you guys at a show?


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