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ASHERAH's Debut Single Is A "Holy" Masterpiece

Hailing from Miami, singer-songwriter, producer, and electronic pop recording artist ASHERAH makes her ethereal debut with a shimmering new single, "Holy."

Before rebranding as ASHERAH, Ariel Morer worked closely with Grammy-nominated producer David Ruttenberg while gaining international success. She's also had the opportunity to perform alongside acts like M83, Flying Lotus, the late SOPHIE, Denzel Curry, and Oneohtrix Point Nev.,

Through her debut single, "Holy," ASHERAH helps us get to know her mystical, otherwordly ways and haunting vocals that nod to names like Purity Ring, Lights, and Grimes. Co-produced by electronic music composer Medulasa, this track is the lead single from ASHERAH's forthcoming EP, 'Ephemeral,' "a coalescence of unexpected creative forces telling a highly personal tale of the grief process," notes the singer-songwriter.

Expanding on the debut single, "Holy," ASHERAH opens the song with a haunting sonic foreground through mystical chimes, celestial synths, and rhythmic, choppy drum breaks. As ASHERAH makes her captivating and ethereal vocal appearance, she soothes our souls immediately while singing a sacred message of living for the higher powers above.

We adore the dynamic range within this track; ASHERAH's production offers the perfect amount of nostalgic and dark pop while incorporating the mystical and individualistic ways of modern electronics. We totally hear ASHERAH's Grimes influences shine through on this transcendent piece, especially as we make our way to the hook and bask in her serene and soothing harmonies alongside the vibrant and sparkling sonics.

Get to know the lovely ASHERAH through her chilling debut single, "Holy," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ASHERAH. Congratulations on releasing your official debut single, "Holy." Why did you want this song to lead the way of your artistic career as ASHERAH?

Holy felt like the starkest departure from my past projects. While it’s on the darker side, it’s very much an overarching anthem for the way I’ve felt over the past 3 years. I see Holy as a significant page in the scrapbook of my 20s.

What inspired the passionate and mystical lyrical content within "Holy?" What sort of scene did you want to paint with your lyrics?

The basis for Holy was a sort of sarcastic plea with a higher power that many of us hope is listening when we’re at rock bottom. It’s a duet in a way because I wrote the first verse from the perspective of my late friend, and the second as myself when he passed. I was truthfully tired of being told to “have faith” or turn to spirituality, which brought out my resentment towards certain religious and spiritual communities. I’m no atheist but sometimes shit just sucks and the only way out is through. It’s ok and it’s healthy to sit with grief, and I don’t think we accept that widely enough. It’s still very much a taboo subject and there are a lot of expectations about how grief should be handled.

What was it like working with electronic music producer Medulasa for "Holy?" How did your collaborative creative process begin?

Medulasa has been a good friend of mine for a while- we’d always tossed around the idea of collaborating, but it didn’t really take off until I sent them a rudimentary version of the song, which I’d written in my Ableton class back in 2020. I felt like they were the right person for the job because their Typhoid Mary EP, also a grief record, captured the complex feelings surrounding profound loss in a way I hadn’t heard before, and especially in a way that resonated with me. I asked if they’d like to produce Holy and they immediately signed on to work on it + 3 other tracks. I’d never engaged in a project of this density before so naturally, I had my concerns are given that they’re all the way in the UK (me being in Florida), but the whole back-and-forth process was so seamless and they were so intuitive to my tastes while making them their own. It was truly the best experience I’ve had with a co-producer thus far.

What should we expect from your forthcoming debut EP 'Ephemeral'? Will "Holy" be on the tracklist? What's next for you?

Holy is track 2 of 4 on Ephemeral. I won’t give away too much but it’s very much a grief record written for one of the most important people in my life. I will say that Holy is the most upbeat song on the record but the whole thing is a lush, dreamy sonic landscape that I think I used to both process my feelings and escape them. As for what’s next, I have a few more releases planned and a feature for a friend from my local electronic scene. I’m also looking forward to starting my academic career on an actual campus as opposed to online and collaborating with other like-minded artists in the heart of Boston.


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