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ashhh. Serenades the Soul in, "Fade Away"

The youthful Singer-Songwriter and R&B/Pop artist ashhh. teams up with Dion & DeiontheFuture for their latest smooth-sailing and emotional single, "Fade Away."

Struggling with a difficult home life during her primary education brought ashhh. incredibly close to music, which jumpstarted her ongoing career. Influenced by acts such as Whitney Houston, Big Mama Thornton, Billie Holiday, Michael Jackson, and many more, ashhh. was able to create her 'all-purpose music,' which delivers a sense of introspection and connectedness.

Pairing up with Dion & DeiontheFuture for their gentle and heartfelt single, "Fade Away," listeners are able to lose themselves within the sonic daydream that this single has to offer.

While ashhh., and Dion & DeiontheFuture drench us in emotion from top to bottom, they truly leave us with a needed breath of fresh air through their highly relatable lyricism.

Listening to "Fade Away," the song begins with a glimmering array of synths that soak our speakers in a transcendent and celestial appeal. As ashhh. and Dion & DeiontheFuture make their harmonious vocal appearance, they instantly captivate our ears through their tender delivery and overall passion. As ashhh. takes on the first verse, she begins to enlighten listeners on a troubled relationship that's slowly fading away.

As Dion & DeiontheFuture swoon us on the second verse, he offers a soothing and chilling vocal tone that perfectly compliments ashhh. and her similar tender stylings. While offering a plethora of harmonies, ashhh. and Dion & DeiontheFuture lead us towards the song's end, with nothing but heart and soul.

We adore the harmonious and emotional listening experience you've offered within your recent single, "Fade Away." What inspired you to write a piece about a relationship that's "fading away"?

Personal experience is always the best inspiration. Personal experience and the emotions/emotional journey that follows. But this song wasn't written how I typically start my creative process. Dion and I went to Dae's home studio and sat and talked about what was going on in his life. Dae asked us, "what do you want to talk about today?" Dion responded and said, "forward movement." His response was connected to what he shared with me: challenges in a relationship. I resonated with him and we started writing and​ freestyling as Dae was creating the beat from scratch. It was very magical and natural creating with them both.

What gravitated you to the stylings of Dion & DeiontheFuture to collaborate with on "Fade Away?" Is this your first time working together?

This is not our first music venture together. Haha. We met through Dae One, wrote, and did some background singing together for another​ artist's project. We clicked and kept in touch. I was scrolling on his Instagram and he posted some clips of him singing and his music. I messaged him and asked him to collab, and he agreed. It was only right that we link up with the person that facilitated the introduction to keep the vibes right.

Did you face any challenges when opening your heart and being so vulnerable with your lyricism for "Fade Away?" Was it difficult to write such emotional words?

It wasn't challenging at all. Being in the house for the last 16 months has made me sit with myself more. It has forced me to be way more honest about myself. In efforts to continue that practice, it has to show up in the music as well. What is all this knowledge for if it's not being used and expressed?

Seeing that you've been creating music for quite some time now, how has your sound and style evolved over time? Have you noticed any change within your music over the years?

I have noticed a major change. The change has come from learning and building confidence as I go. I have been exploring different kinds of beats and my different tones with my voice. Allowing myself to not be in the box, and sing how I am expected to sing. Since I have been allowing myself to flow, I have been able to grow. That's a bar by the way.

What's next for you?

I am calling in opportunities and relationships that will allow me to quit my day job and be able to focus on creating for myself, with purpose, and with others full-time. More experience. More music. More honesty.


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