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Ashi Shonen Multiplies the Groove in Two New Singles

The classically-trained pianist turned producer Ashi Shonen teams up with vocalist L.A. Zonin' for their groovy set of singles, "Georgia Rose" and "What a World."

Having been involved and intertwined with the music scene since the age of six, Ashi Shonen grew up playing piano and saxophone, which later turned into bass playing for various bands. After dabbling in production by the age of sixteen, Ashi Shonen fell in love with the craft and now releases his upbeat and lively electro-pop tunes for the public to savor.

With two fresh and beaming releases entitled "Georgia Rose" and "What a World," Ashi Shonen brings listeners into two distinct yet stimulating soundscapes with help from the vibrant vocal stylings of L.A. Zonin'. Both singles share Ashi Shonen's vast creativity while also swooning any listener with their punchy and exhilarating rhythms.

Taking a listen to the first track, "Georgia Rose," a lush and dreamy keyboard melody floats through our speakers accompanied by a celestial background synth. As the plucky and bright bassline pierces our speaker alongside L.A. Zonin's powerful and melodic vocal stylings, the song quickly transitions into this vibrant and exciting atmosphere that gets any listener up and on their feet. We can truly get a feel of Ashi Shonen's creative approaches through his lively and ambient synth arrangements within this single.

Diving into the second single, "What a World," a heavy and textured bassline opens the song while leaving us tapping our feet to its dense groove. As L.A. Zonin's sweet vocals make their appearance alongside Ashi Shonen's bright synth arrangements, the song quickly transitions into this retro space, primarily through the unique use of synths and keys. Ashi Shonen continues his extensive use of keys and synths at an upbeat and lively pace until the very last beat. Not to mention L.A. Zonin's exciting vocal delivery; the song truly gets us feeling the warmth and heat of the forthcoming summer season.

Don't miss out on the groovy experience of Ashi Shonen's latest singles, "Georgia Rose" and "What a World," now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ashi Shonen. We're deep in the groove of your two singles, "Georgia Rose" and "What a World." What made you want to drop two upbeat singles right before summer?

Thank you, I’m excited to finally be able to share these songs with the world. I guess there was never a plan in motion to release them around summertime, it just kind of happened that way. But now that I think about it, they do both have an upbeat, summery kind of vibe. The real reason was it had just been so long since I had a release, I was very eager to release them as soon as I could.

Speaking on both singles, "Georgia Rose" and "What a World," why did you want to release these specific songs together? Do you feel that they share any similarities?

I chose to release these two together because obviously, they are both a collaboration with L.A ZONIN and I felt that the mood and atmosphere of both songs would be something that they would really be able to deliver some strong vocals over.

What was your collaborative experience like working with vocalist L.A. Zonin' for your two singles, "Georgia Rose" and "What a World?" Is this your first time working together?

Speaking of L.A ZONIN, I wouldn’t have been able to have this release happen if it weren’t for them. They’re a supremely talented vocalist and lyricist and I was more than happy to have a collaborative effort with them, and both songs turned out exactly how I wanted, so, props to them! I met L.A ZONIN in audio school in 2019, and our relationship grew from there. There were a few projects we had worked on before for school and I usually send them what I’m working on every so often, and let them choose which ones they like best and we go from there.

Did you share the songwriting process with L.A. Zonin' for both singles, "Georgia Rose" and "What a World?" Or did they handle both songs' lyric writing?

I handled only the production for both singles and I leave the vocals and lyrics up to them, as I trust their judgment and songwriting process.

What did you want your audience to feel after listening to both singles, "Georgia Rose" and "What a World?" What sort of mood or sensation did you want these singles to deliver?

I guess I leave the feeling up to the listener. There isn’t a specific feeling I want to convey with my music, I just hear what I want it to sound like in my head, and try my best to flesh out those ideas into reality. The way the listener chooses to perceive it is up to them I suppose. What I can say, however, is that when I created both singles I had an upbeat, funky, kind of party vibe in my head with essences of melancholy.


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