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Ashley Lyn Releases Sultry New Single and Music Video for "I Want It 2"

Surrounded by European-style architecture and delicious suitors vying for Ashley's attention, Ashley brings her hot new single "I Want It 2" to life. Ashley Lyn is a 25-year-old Jamaican-Chinese songstress based in Toronto, Canada. Ashley is making waves across genres of Pop and contemporary R&B. "I Want It 2" showcases Asley's lush, pop-centric vocals, and the ticking percussion enveloping the track has us clapping along. Self-assured lyrics like, " Gotta demonstrate to keep a woman of this caliber," "Players talking like they want my love, gotta have it, or they'll self destruct," "Make it worth the wait, your the opponent, I'm the challenger," give a seductive rendition of lyrical temptations.

Ashley creates an aura of female empowerment in her accompanying music video. All too often, we are shown images of male leads and a swarm of women idolizing the air he breathes. "I Want It 2" puts Ashley in charge, surrounded by men, who we assume just came from a GQ shoot, offering their unwavering affection and attention (we will take the runner up, just saying). The romantic scenery, complete with a Romeo/Juliette-Esque balcony scene, makes us all wonder which prince charming this enchanting bachelorette chose. "I Want It 2" sultry sound and visuals will leave you wanting more.

Discover "I Want it 2" here.



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