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Ashley Woodruff Hopes For More In Latest Single “Summer Love”

Ashley Woodruff talented contemporary pop artist based out of Sudbury, Canada. She developed a passion for singing and writing songs from a very young age, and began taking vocal lessons when she was 11. From there, Ashley was able to develop her voice through classical training. When Ashley was a teenager, she attended Sudbury Secondary School as a vocal music major. All of the positive feedback was the fuel needed, to eventually write and release her own songs.  Ashley's latest releases are her singles, "Somewhere In There", and "Summer Love" and she states there’s more to come throughout the year! Stay tuned. 

“Summer Love” is a heart-warming new single from Ashley that we’ve fallen in love with. It focuses on the fleeting feelings of love. Confusion and desire take hold of our thoughts. Ashley Woodruff sings throughout the chorus “Let this be, more than Summer Love” to fully capture her audience. Her vocals are mesmerizing and have an impressive individuality. The single cascades around you as this stunning wave of carefully selected synths and moments, progressing quickly from smooth and dreamlike to rhythmically engaging, and making perfect sense in the process. The song successfully envelops its audience for the full extent of its lifespan. “Summer Love” has elements of retro-pop fused with a contemporary and authentic Ashley Woodruff flare. 

Listen to “Summer Love” here and read more with Ashley below!

Hi Ashley! Congratulations on the single “Summer Love”! What can you tell us about this song? What prompted you to write it?

Thank you very much! In June, I decided that I really wanted to release a summer song. Not too long after that, the lyrics/melody to the first few lines started popping into my head, and I continued writing until it was finished. Like all of my other material, after I was done writing "Summer Love", I showed it to producer Rob Murphy, and he composed the instrumental track, which really brought the song to life.

What do you think is the most stand-out lyric in “Summer Love”

I think the most stand-out lyric is, "Only ever wanna say goodnight, never wanna have to say goodbye". I think those who have had strong feelings for someone can relate to these lyrics, for the fact they would like their relationship to last. 

What first inspired you to start creating original music?

I started writing original music when I was very young. I don't remember what inspired me to do so, I think it's just always something that's been in me. When I was in high school, I started releasing song covers online. All of the positive feedback from that, was the fuel needed to eventually start releasing original material.

What are some of the values you aim to represent with your music?

One of the values I aim to represent is being honest, and speaking from your heart. 

Another value I aim to represent is hard work. Along with writing/recording/performing at least a show a week, I'm in school, and have another job. Although I have a lot going on, I still manage to actively be involved with music.  

What can we expect from you going through to the end of 2019!?

One thing you can definitely expect, is many more upcoming shows! A full list of dates can be found on


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