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Ashton Chase Takes Us Away on “Paper Planes” With His New Single

Every genre has it’s repeating artists that play it safe, don’t try and do something unique and usually, that works out for a lot of people. At least for a short period of time. However, we have the very talented and risk-taking artist, Ashton Chase and he has something honest and unique to offer all of our ears with his new single “Paper Planes”.

We are hearing more and more rap/ hip hop that features guitar work for the sake of having guitar work. However, it’s rare that you hear a song in this space that has a well thought out guitar riff that fits the entire vibe of the song. “Paper Planes” opens with this, then introduces a great drum beat that gets you ready for the incredibly captured vocal performance by Ashton Chase. He’s from Florida and it’s almost as if you can hear the state calling you in “Paper Planes”, and on a winter night, we aren’t mad about it. The lyrics are very thought out and express his love and how he is at her mercy. Lyrics such as “whenever she calls, I never let it ring”. This is a very one of a kind of a track and if I can guess, I would say there is a hint of the influence of Post Malone, the way that Ashton Chase raps in the verse but then sings beautifully in the chorus. By the end of the 2:45 long song, you need more and that’s a good thing that comes with your wish, as Ashton Chase has an entire record waiting for you. If you want something fresh in Hip Hop, please listen to Ashton Chase and his new song “Paper Planes” today!

Listen to "Paper Planes" here.


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