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Aspiring Chicago Rap Artist Chace Talks Latest Single 'BadMon Nite'

Hey Chace! Your latest single "BadMon Nite" is incredibly electrifying and fast-paced! The energy that pours off from the song is incredible! How did the overall production of the track go?! Was it fairly easy to maintain this energy throughout the recording process?

First, I received the track and had to vibe to it for a while then I realized that I needed a reggae type hook on the track that's when I got put in contact with a reggae artist who graciously did the hook on the song for me. Once the hook was recorded I took my time and carefully put the verses together over a short period of time I didn't want to rush the creative process. Then when I was satisfied with the verses I went to the studio to record the verses to the song and luckily it came out pretty good.

"BadMon Nite" encompasses such vital elements. What was the main inspiration behind the track?

The main inspiration behind the track was to make something grown and sexy to make you feel good mainly for the club scene that would get people to the dance floor but at the same time could be played in many other settings. There is nothing like being out and a certain song comes on that makes everyone rush to the dance floor that's the feeling I hope that this song will give people when they hear it.


Can you describe how the music scene in Chicago is aiding in your development as an artist?

The Chicago music scene is aiding me by seeing so many artists from Chicago getting opportunities to get out there in a major way through being signed to a label or independently it is a beautiful thing to see and there is still so much unknown talent in Chicago that hopefully will be discovered and introduced to the world.

We've heard that your video for your latest single is set to premiere in the next upcoming months! That's incredibly exciting! How did the recording process for the video go?

The video has not been recorded as of yet but it will be completed by the end of this month which is October.

Thanks for coming to BuzzMusic to talk about "BadMon Nite" and yourself as an artist! What's the next big thing for you artistically? 

The next thing for me artistically is to just continue to make and release new material put it out there to the world with the hopes that it will catch on. Hopefully, that will happen for me and I can get to the ghostwriting phase which is my main goal at this point. Lastly, I want to thank you BuzzMusic for giving me the opportunity to be presented on your platform and it's greatly appreciated I wish you much success.




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