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Spotlight: Kris Angelis Turns Dreams Into Reality

As a Country/Americana artist, Kris Angelis is no stranger to the techniques of filtering her hopes and dreams into a nostalgic story for her fans. Taking advantage of her growing platform, the singer-songwriter draws inspiration for her songwriting from the obstacles she has been forced to overcome in her life.

Kris Angelis’s artistic career was sparked by the spontaneous decision to pack up her dreams and heartbreak into her blue Prius and travel across the country with her music in her heart.

The budding artist worked tirelessly to book and play shows in every state before she eventually released her debut EP “That Siren, Hope.” The first extended project that she released in 2020 ended up ranking #1 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts and #79 on Billboard’s Top Current Albums. It was her determined and charismatic personality that officially launched her career as a Country/Americana artist, and Kris Angelis is not going to slow down any time soon.



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