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At The Moment Raise Awareness For Suicide Prevention With “Ocean”

At The Moment is a 5-piece alt-rock collective hailing from Toronto, Canada. Comprised of lead singer Manson Chan, lead guitarist/bassist Enzo Wei, rhythm guitarist Devin Deng, keyboardist Charlie Guo, and Jet Diao on drums, the group has been making music together since 2017. Originally a commercial/cover band, ATM would mainly perform at weddings and various events. Currently working on a full album of original music, At The Moment is aiming to release their debut album early 2020. Stay tuned!

“Ocean” is At The Moment's latest release and in just in time for Suicide Awareness Month. A song all about pleading for help, loneliness, and ultimately ending tragically, it’s a shock to the system for listeners. Not only is “Ocean” meaningful, but it is a beautiful song, poetic and personal in precisely the kind of way that tends to reach out and draw in the deep thinking music fans for a moment of absolute isolation and escapism. The performance is reminiscent of rock breakdowns from the nineties that hit hard for their emotional and honest auras. Despite its nostalgic feeling, there’s a definite freshness and contemporary authenticity to “Ocean”. At The Moment has done a spectacular job putting it together. Lyrically, musically, and performance-wise, the whole thing sounds perfect for what it is. At The Moment strives to envoke social awareness in all their listeners and they perfectly achieve that with this single.

“Everyday, more than 3000 people commit suicide worldwide. Stress is one of the biggest reasons to make them pull the trigger. They need to be cared for and listened to. If you were one of those people who are struggling to survive in this world. You are not alone.”

Listen to “Ocean” here and read more with At The Moment below!

Hello At The Moment, welcome to BuzzMusic! “Ocean” is a really powerful song! What inspired it?

This song was actually inspired by a report on a newspaper – A report about suicide. This report indicates that more than 3000 people commit suicide everyday worldwide and stress from life is one of the biggest reasons. Therefore, we hope that we can speak for them by writing a song. They need to be listened and cared.

What emotions were you forced to channel when creating this song? 

Helplessness and loneliness is the keynote of the song, as well as the emotion of desiring to be listened, cared and rescued. These emotions were all around us when we were creating this song.

What do you hope your listeners and fans take away from “Ocean”? 

I hope this song can let our listeners and fans realize that there are so many people suffering from the stress and burden on their shoulders. If they were one of them, they are not alone. There are so many people just like them.

What lyric do you believe holds the most impact throughout “Ocean”? 

“Save me” would be the lyrics which holds the most impact throughout the song, as this lyric speaks out for those people who are trying so hard to survive every day.

What can we expect from your upcoming album? We can’t wait to hear more! 

As a new band, we have not decide our music style yet. We will release around 6 songs in the upcoming album with different music style, including funk, pop, and alternative, etc. Every song implicit a social phenomenon which we hope the society can arouse concern on it.

What are your main aspirations as a group going forward?

We hope that we can help this world get better with the message we express in our music. Also, we hope that our first album can be released in the early 2020 as we planned. Of course, we wish that we can tour all over the world one day! It would be like dream comes true!


Connect with At The Moment on Instagram.


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